Reservations and general inquiries:


Reservation emails work the best if you write us the date and time in question as well as how many people you would like to reserve a table for.
Apart from that, your phone number is pretty much a must.

You can also call us at 0400-461 008,
but please keep in mind that we're a very small place,
and the few of us that work here, can't always make it to the phone in time.
We try our best though!

We don't reserve more than a couple of tables at any given time, so one can always just pop by to have a looksee!

If you're coming by public transport,
you can find the local buss and tram routes by clicking here.

Hakaniemenkatu 7, 00530 Helsinki

Stop: Hakaniemen metroasema

Restaurateur Heli Roiha | heli.roiha(at)